Hi Jonas,

On 2012-09-19 23:42:19, Jonas Hörsch wrote:
> is there a bug report or more info, what doesn't behave as expected
> anymore?

No, there is no bug report.

> the only interpretation, i could come up with, is: given that in "best
> fit"-adjust mode the page height matches the view height exactly,
> previously pressing space just replaced the page, now it doesn't do so
> anymore. using page up/down though provides exactly the old
> functionality in this border case.

Exactly. Would it be possible to cover that case somehow? So that if the
page fits exactly, a full page is scrolled. In fullscreen mode this is
really annoying as I won't reach for page up/down during a presentation
and just want to hit space to go to the next slide.

Sebastian Ramacher
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