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On 2013-02-11 14:11:15, Diego Joss wrote:
> finally! here is the patch to add conditional compilation of the
> libmagic detection (with old method fallback). Actually the fallback
> is both at compilation time, and runtime: if the libmagic method does
> not work, it fallsback to the old method.

great, thanks. Since most of the code is already in develop, I'll merge
the bits that allow the fallback to the old method during runtime.

> There are 3 patches attached: the first 2;
> - (0001-...) implement the patch previously sent (with the *flags* bug
> corrected)
> - (0002-...) implements conditional compilation on top of (0001-...)
> - (libmagic-detection-...) is a fusion of the 2 above (thus can be
> applied on top of origin/master)
> The conditional compilation of the libmagic feature is activated by
> default in config.mk; is this a good idea? it would mean that we
> expect libmagic to be installed in most cases.

I'd love to do it the same way as for sqlite, i.e use pkg-config to
check if libmagic is available. However, libmagic doesn't have a
pkg-config file.

I have only some numbers for Debian available, but libmagic is
installed on 99.27% of all popcon-participating machines [1]. So yes,
I expect it to be installed in most cases.

(We build with sqlite support by default, so I don't see why we
shouldn't build with magic support by default. There is still a README
telling you what to do if you don't want it.)


[1] http://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=file
Sebastian Ramacher

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