Hi Marwan,

Marwan Tanager wrote:
> This patch eliminates the aforementioned problems by setting the adjustment 
> ratio dynamically from the 'value-changed' callback only if the vertical 
> adjustment upper bound hasn't changed. If it's found to be changed, this 
> means 
> that the document scale have changed (e.g due to zooming or resizing the 
> window) so the adjustment ratio shouldn't be updated. Otherwise, we assume 
> that 
> the adjustment value has been changed as a result of scrolling or jumping to 
> a 
> specific page.
> Of course it's just a draft, but you can generalize it to account for the 
> horizontal adjustment as well as the adjustments lower bounds. IMO, the 
> adjustment_ratio struct could now be called something like 'struct 
> adjustments' 
> with possibly two substructures for the horizontal and vertical adjustments 
> each containing the ratio and the upper/lower bounds, but of course it's your 
> patch in the first place so you are free to arrange things as you see fit.

Great idea, checking the bounds in the "value-changed" callback! Your
comments and proof of concept were very helpful. I came up with a
slightly different implementation, but it should essentially be the same
concept as you just described. The only difference is, instead of
keeping track of the ratio and bounds inside the document struct, I
created two GtkAdjustments in zathura->ui, each keeping track of the
horizontal/vertical adjustments, respectively, through signals/handlers.

I'll send a patch for review right away, so you'll see what I mean.

The only remaining issue I can see (but maybe you'll find others :) ) is
that the page number is not updated if you (say) zoom out from page 1,
and then zoom in (to whichever page is at the center of the screen). But
that's not really an issue introduced by this patch, and there's a
trivial fix for that.

Anyway, thanks again for your precious feedback and advice, it was very
much appreciated!


Benoît Knecht
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