after having had to re-install my entire system, I now probably
have a much newer version of zathura and the following new problem:

When selecting text to be copied to the clipboard, the notification
line (or whatever you call it) which used to show me the selected
text seems to have black text on black background, or some other
problem; in any case I cannot see the text, and perhaps am missing
other notifications. No config option I tried seemed to fix this. My
zathurarc is pasted below. Selecting and pasting in itself works,
just not the information on what I selected.

Thanks for any pointers,

 $ uname -a
Linux host 3.8.5-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Mar 29 19:18:14 CET 2013 x86_64 GNU/Linux

 $ zathura --version
zathura 0.2.2
(plugin) ps (0.2.1) (/usr/lib/zathura/ps.so)
(plugin) pdf-poppler (0.2.2) (/usr/lib/zathura/pdf.so)

 $ cat ~/.config/zathura/zathurarc

set pages-per-row 1
set page-padding 5
set recolor true
set adjust-open "width"
set scroll-step 30
set zoom-step 20

set show-scrollbars false

map i recolor

map = zoom in
map <C-=> zoom in
map <C--> zoom out

map w adjust_window width
map h adjust_window best-fit

map <Up> scroll up
map <Down> scroll down
map <PageUp> scroll half-up
map <PageDown> scroll half-down
map <C-PageUp> navigate previous
map <C-PageDown> navigate next
map <S-PageUp> scroll full-up
map <S-PageDown> scroll full-down
map <BackSpace> scroll top
map \\ scroll bottom

map z toggle_statusbar
map x toggle_inputbar
map c toggle_index
map [index] c toggle_index
map <C-l> toggle_fullscreen

map g goto

set scroll-wrap "false"

set statusbar-bg            "#020202"
set statusbar-fg            "#4BAE20"
set completion-bg           "#020202"
set completion-fg           "#4BAE20"
set completion-highlight-bg "#020202"
set completion-highlight-fg "#4BAE20"
set inputbar-bg             "#020202"
set inputbar-fg             "#4BAE20"
set notification-error-bg   "#020202"
set notification-error-fg   "#4BAE20"
set notification-warning-bg "#020202"
set notification-warning-fg "#4BAE20"
set default-bg              "#020202"
set default-fg              "#4BAE20"
set completion-bg           "#020202"
set completion-fg           "#4BAE20"
set completion-group-bg     "#020202"
set completion-group-fg     "#4BAE20"
set tabbar-bg               "#020202"
set tabbar-fg               "#4BAE20"
set tabbar-focus-bg         "#020202"
set tabbar-focus-fg         "#4BAE20"

set highlight-active-color  "#FF5757"
set highlight-color         "#D629A5"

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