On 2013-08-23 14:29:39, Abdó Roig-Maranges wrote:
> > I've attached two screenshots of zathura 0.2.4 running with girara 0.1.6
> > and girara 0.1.7 plus the patch. With girara 0.1.6 there is a lot more
> > padding around the text in the statusbar and it's readable (maybe the
> > status bar is just too small in 0.1.7 and it's not the padding after
> > all, I don't know).
> Ok, I don't see the same thing on my end. It may be due to the fact that I 
> use a
> larger font, I don't know... For me the statusbar has a reasonable padding, 
> and
> exactly the same height as the inputbar in both, GTK3 and GTK2.
> Anyway, I attach another patch that does two things:
> 1. Adds config settings statusbar-h-padding and statusbar-v-padding to set the
>    padding for status, input and notification bars. Defaults are
>    statusbar-h-padding 8
>    statusbar-v-padding 2
>    The value means total padding, for instance, 8 = 4 (left) + 4 (right). If 
> you
>    don't like those defaults, they can be adjusted in config.c, of course.
> 2. Remove a hack for setting the statusbar height, that I suspect was the 
> source
>    of trouble. Now instead of set_size_request on the statusbar_entries GtkBox
>    object, we set the padding on the individual statusbar items, as it was 
> done
>    before my GTK3 commits.
> After this patch, the padding on status, notification and input bars should be
> adjustable via config, and all 3 bars should be rendered exactly with the same
> height.

Thanks for the quick fix! That's very much appreciated.

Sebastian Ramacher
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