> Maybe that's a bug that I haven't noticed so far or is introduced by
> these changes: using the index to jump to some page, I always see the
> first page. Moving around a little bit or zooming in/out displays the
> correct page again.

hmm... I can't reproduce this on the redo-page-refresh branch, neither on GTK2
nor GTK3.

It did happen with current develop quite a lot. I think it started happening
after the upgrade to GTK 3.10, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The problem there was that when setting the vertical position coming out of the
index mode, the adjustment still was thinking it was "adjusting the index", it
had the wrong bounds. In fact, this is one of the racy things that made me
finish these patches! If I missed something, I'd like very much to fix it!

I'm using the redo-page-refresh branch for my work related pdf reading, so it is
having some testing. So far I didn't find any issues, except for the one I
reported on the bug tracker regarding scale on the first page for a new document
on gtk3.

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