since the GTK+3 support is getting better and better and I really like
to switch to GTK+3 as default GTK+ version, I think it's time to recap
what's missing to do the switch:

 - There is http://bugs.pwmt.org/issue350 which looks like another
   timing issue to me, i.e. we need to open the document somewhat later.
 - Somewhere in girara we don't set all the colors correctly. The
   statusbar and the completion results have all the wrong colors for

Is there anything else that people running the GTK+3 version noticed and
needs to be fixed before switching?

If we consider the GTK+3 support good enough at the time we do the next
release, it might be worth changing the default version for 0.2.5. If
that's not possible, then we should do it in 0.2.6. I think we should
support GTK+2 for one release after we've switched and then start
dropping all the GTK+2 support and clean up the code base.

I'd like to hear opinions on this plan and please let me know of any
bugs that need to be fixed before the switch.

Sebastian Ramacher
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