Hi Sebastian,

On 02/11/13 04:05:51 +0100, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:
> We don't copy any pages. The only thing we do while searching is calling
> the respective seach function from the plugin which forwards to the
> search function provided by the backend.
> (Note that the mupdf plugins keeps the extracted text in memory. This
> could explain the groth in memory usage you see. But without knowing
> which plugins you are using, I'll state what zathura itself does.)

I was using the poppler plugin and I do not know if it does something similar.

> There is one thing we need to do with the search code and that is to run
> in its on thread.
> There is a bug for the search performance issue at
> http://bugs.pwmt.org/issue330.

I will look into this and see if I can help in any way. Thanks for explaining
everything. Once we have another thread for searching, we could in theory then
thing about caching mechanism to make the first search slightly faster. But
first - the threading issue.



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