On 2012-08-14 13:05:06, Roland Schatz wrote:
> I have attached the patch for forward synchronization.

Finally it's happening.

The major part of the patch has already been applied for some time but was not
usable at all. I've started to implement the remaining bits. The current
progress can be seen in the branch feature/synctex.

zathura has gained a new command line argument --syntex-forward. If zathura is
called as 'zathura --syntex-forward <input> <output>', zathura will search for a
running instance having the file <output> open and it will send <input> to the
that instance. <input> is of the same format as the argument passed to syntex
view -i. (Note that <output> currently needs to be an absolut path. I'll fix
that in the feature.)

I've also commited a first ftplugin for vim (tex_zathurasynctex.vim). With this
plugin enabled <leader>f will perform a forward sync. The detection of the
correct <output> probably needs some love (it currently tries a function
provided by latex-suite and some heuristic to determine <output> by checking the
available syntex data).

Any comments are very welcome (expecially regarding the vim plugin).

Sebastian Ramacher
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