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> Which version of mupdf is this? zathura-pdf-mupdf should be compatible
> with mupdf 1.3. If you are using anything newer (i.e. mupdf git), it
> might not work and needs to be ported first.

Thanks. I thought I had mupdf-1.3 (and not mupdf from git) but to make
sure I removed mupdf completely and reinstalled it. As far as I can see
the problem was that mupdf-1.3 was installed as mupdf-x11 and the
(older) mupdf installation from git still remained as mupdf.

Anyway, it works fine now.

Just a remark:

Now I recall why I refrained from using zathura-mupdf some time ago. I
am working with `latexmk' and zathura as pdf viewer. With
zathura-mupdf on every reload the document complety vanishes at some
time during the (lua)latex compiling process, then the new pdf appears
shortly, vanishes again till the complete new pdf is finished.

With zathura from the debian repo (with pdf-poppler) this process
happend much more smoothly. There was only a very short `flicker',
then the new pdf appeared.
Unfortunately this processes now is rather the same. Whether it's the
pdf-poppler or pdf-mupdf plugin – the rendered pdf alway disappears
completely for some time.


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