On 2014-04-23 20:08:39, Αριστοτέλης Πανάρας wrote:
> Hello. I am new here, so forgive me for asking things that might have
> already been discussed.
> 1. On develop branch, and more specifically commit 3285d61, setting
> jumplist-size option in zathurarc seems to generate a critical warning.
> Reproducible by creating a zathurarc with the following line:
> set jumplist-size 2000
> , the output is as follows:
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:195) successfully loaded plugin
> /usr/lib/zathura/djvu.so
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:207) plugin '/usr/lib/zathura/djvu.so':
> version 0.2.3
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:195) successfully loaded plugin
> /usr/lib/zathura/pdf.so
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:207) plugin '/usr/lib/zathura/pdf.so':
> version 0.2.6
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:195) successfully loaded plugin
> /usr/lib/zathura/ps.so
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:207) plugin '/usr/lib/zathura/ps.so':
> version 0.2.2
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:195) successfully loaded plugin
> /usr/lib/zathura/cb.so
> debug: (zathura_plugin_manager_load:207) plugin '/usr/lib/zathura/cb.so':
> version 0.1.2
> ** (zathura:12942): CRITICAL **: zathura_jumplist_trim: assertion 'zathura
> != NULL && zathura->jumplist.list != NULL && zathura->jumplist.size != 0'
> failed
> debug: (zathura_init:202) Using plain database backend.
> debug: (bus_acquired:88) Bus acquired at 'org.pwmt.zathura.PID-12942'.
> debug: (name_acquired:111) Acquired 'org.pwmt.zathura.PID-12942' on session
> bus.
> debug: (guess_type_magic:57) magic detected filetype: application/pdf
> debug: (zathura_jumplist_load:1364) Loaded the jumplist from the database
> debug: (page_cache_is_cached:820) Page 1 is a cache miss
> debug: (zathura_renderer_page_cache_add:920) Page 1 is cached at cache
> index 0
> debug: (render_job:749) Rendering page 1 ...
> debug: (emit_completed_signal:505) Emitting signal for page 1
> .
> It would seem that it is due to the zathura_jumplist_trim() call generated
> by setting the jumplist-size in the rc file. More specifically, the
> cb_jumplist_change() callback seems to call zathura_jumplist_trim() before
> the document jumplist is loaded in document_open_idle().

I'll look at that.

> 2. Since I changed to the develop branch (zathura-git in Arch AUR), the
> index mode seems to have changed a bit.
> The default colors seem to have changed (white foreground in black
> background) and the currently selected object is not visible anymore as it
> was before (where is was grey on white background). That seems to not be
> configurable at the moment.
> 3. Also, I might be mistaken, but was the scrollbar always present in index
> mode when guioptions did not contain v?

If I remember correctly (and please correct me if I am wrong, I'm not an Arch
user), zathura-git pulls girara-git so you get all the new theming code from
girara. We are currently changing the way we theme girara from gtk_widget_*
calls to CSS. So if anything is broken theming wise, this might just be a
consequence of that. Please let us know of any such unexpected difference so we
can fix them before releasing the next version of girara.

Sebastian Ramacher
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