On 2014-04-23 23:25:39, Αριστοτέλης Πανάρας wrote:
> 1. Thanks.
> 2,3. That is correct, zathura-git pulls girara.git's develop branch and
> links it with gtk3 (package girara-gtk3-git).
> In that case, the index colors mode could well be due to an issue with
> girara.
> Should I file a bug report or is this mail sufficient?

The mail is sufficient. If you find anything else, please let us know.

> 4. Since  you mentioned a restructuring in girara's theming, there is one
> more thing.
> There is a separator that appears in 2 places: around the input buffer in
> the statusbar, and between commands and descriptions in the completion menu.
> I am not sure anymore, as I am becoming more accustomed to the new look,
> but I think that previously it was not visible (it had the same color with
> its surroundings), but after the change to develop branch it became visible
> as it is currently black.

Yes, I saw that too. Just haven't found a way to give them the correct
background color. In other words: I do not know which widget has the wrong
background color.

(I think this issue exists since the GTK+ 3 switch, but I'm not sure.)

Sebastian Ramacher
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