That would be great! Thanks.


On Wed, 23 Apr 2014 21:30:51 +0400, Sebastian Ramacher <> wrote:

On 2014-04-23 10:05:40, Maxim Gonchar wrote:

after some playing and searching the internet I was able to use zathura
synctex support, by opening a file:
zathura -s -x 'gvim --servername SYNCTEX --remote +\%{line} \%{input}'
and switching to the specified line:
zathura --synctex-forward 100:1:<fullpath>/Introduction_en.tex

If I try to combine these two commands I get an error saying that the
opened instance for Introduction_en.pdf is not found.
I wonder why this distinction is made? Is there a way to open zathura and sync if file is not opened, or simply sync if the opened instance exists?

It's just that nobody had any use for anything like that yet so it's just not there - doing anything after a document has been opened was always a pain to time right. But if there's interest in something like that, we can fix that.

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