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>> after some playing and searching the internet I was able to use zathura
>> synctex support, by opening a file:
>> zathura -s -x 'gvim --servername SYNCTEX --remote +\%{line} \%{input}'
>> Introduction_en.pdf
>> and switching to the specified line:
>> zathura --synctex-forward 100:1:<fullpath>/Introduction_en.tex
>> Introduction_en.pdf
>> If I try to combine these two commands I get an error saying that the
>> opened instance for Introduction_en.pdf is not found.
>> I wonder why this distinction is made? Is there a way to open zathura and
>> sync if file is not opened, or simply sync if the opened instance exists?
> It's just that nobody had any use for anything like that yet so it's
> just not there - doing anything after a document has been opened was
> always a pain to time right. But if there's interest in something like
> that, we can fix that.

Something like this is very useful when I open up a PDF viewer from my
editor (Vim of course). I'd like to have one mapping that opens a PDF
(if it's not already open) and then syncs to the current location.

However, this functionality can be trivially added with a little
scripting. See here:



PS: Thanks a ton for implementing forward searches. I finally was able
    to abandon Xdvi, and now do everything with PDF files.

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