Hi, PWMT Community,
First of all, I want to thanks to the community which create a nice open
source software.

Second, I want to give a suggestion for Zathura software.
Currently Zathura has support for PDF, DjVu, PS, and CB. All of them use
Free Software as backend, but unfortunately most of them are licensed under
GNU GPL which are not commercial or proprietary friendly compared to
Zathura license. This license can become obstacle for developers who want
to incorporate Zathura for their software.
How about using pdf.js <https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js> which licensed
under Apache License as backend for PDF support in Zathura. Apache license
is a nice license and compatible with most Free Software license. I
understand if it is not C or C++ library, but by using Javascript
interpreter such as V8 I think it still possible and the result will
satisfies most user

Best regards,
Ryan Bram <http://rumahpintar.org>
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