Hi All,

This might very well be a bug in my setup, but I couldn't figure out
what's going on so I thought I would post for help.

    1. With verion 0.2.7 (which I compiled myself), I have synctex
       forward/backward search working perfectly.

    2. Using 0.2.9 (from Debian/testing), I only have forward search
       working, but not backward search. Namely, if I control click in a
       PDF file, *nothing happens*. If I open the same PDF file in 0.2.7
       and control click, then I get taken to my TeX source as expected.

For version 2.9 (actually zathura-0.2.9-2 from Debian/testing) I run it
under a chroot. I have libsynctex installed, and also the executable
synctex in my path.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



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