Hello pwmt-devs!

Is there any way to tell a running zathura instance to change the page
it is currently displaying? If I simply issue the following command
line, a second instance of zathura is started. I, however, want the
already running instance (displaying /tmp/test.pdf) to display page 5.

  zathura --page=5 /tmp/test.pdf

I want this to work on every PDF, which implies (IIUC) that using the
synctex support is not an option here.

If the description above was not clear, just try the the above with
evince or okular to see what I am talking about. Okular accepts an extra
option "--unique" to toggle this behaviour. Evince just always does
this - if you want it or not.

Is this achievable with the current zathura version? And if not, would
you consider adding such a feature in a future version?

Kind regards,
Alexander Baier
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