I'm using Zathura (using the MuPDF plugin) to review various layouts for printing. It's important to me that I'm looking at things approximately the same size as they will come out on paper. I realize the difference between screen pixels and how things look in print will still affect perception, but to save test prints while I rough out margins and trim sizes I want to be able to hold up a paper to the screen and have it match the on-screen canvas.

Zathura's default zoom level (100%) is anything but actual size for my particular hardware configuration. In fact it's off by almost ⅓. If I set the zoom to 133% I get something very close to actual size. How do I make this the default zoom level? I would like everything else to scale against that so that 50% is actually half size, etc. Is there a way to calibrate the settings to my monitors—some sort of scale factor setting perhaps?

Interestingly, Evince seems to know something about my monitor size because it scales things exactly right out of the box. 100% turns up on my monitor as exactly the right paper size (actually it's off by a smidgen, 100.5% is more like it but it would be close enough). On the other hand Acroread is off by a mile, but in the opposite direction as Zathura. There, a value of 87% works out about right—actual-size is actually jumbo scale.

How does Zathura decide what size to show at all? Is there a way to fix this so 100% is actually actual-size? Is there a system DPI value that can be set that will calibrate this?

Thanks for any pointers.


P.S. I originally posted a question about this to the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange site before finding this list. Any solutions I hear from here I'll post back to there as a self-answer, but if anybody wanted to post a solution directly… http://unix.stackexchange.com/q/235170/1925

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