On 2015-10-10 13:47:37, Denis Bitouzé wrote:
> > On 2015-06-28 15:54:29, Denis Bitouzé wrote:
> >> 
> >> But, AFAICS, it is impossible in this mode to follow links with `f'
> >> shortcut. Would it be possible to add this feature?
> >
> > That's the idea of the presentation mode. We only provide a limited
> > set of shortcuts there.
> But it is common to have to open local files (text, pdf, image, video,
> etc.) or Web pages while in presentation mode.
> > If you still want it, you can just map it in your zathurarc.
> I'll check the documentation but, IMHO, this should be enabled by
> default.

There is also the fullscreen mode which has all these shortcuts enabled.

Sebastian Ramacher
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