On 2015-10-10 10:15:11, Caleb Maclennan wrote:
> I'm using Zathura (using the MuPDF plugin) to review various layouts for
> printing.  It's important to me that I'm looking at things approximately the
> same size as they will come out on paper.  I realize the difference between
> screen pixels and how things look in print will still affect perception, but
> to save test prints while I rough out margins and trim sizes I want to be
> able to hold up a paper to the screen and have it match the on-screen
> canvas.
> Zathura's default zoom level (100%) is anything but actual size for my
> particular hardware configuration.  In fact it's off by almost ⅓.  If I set
> the zoom to 133% I get something very close to actual size.  How do I make
> this the default zoom level? I would like everything else to scale against
> that so that 50% is actually half size, etc.  Is there a way to calibrate
> the settings to my monitors—some sort of scale factor setting perhaps?
> Interestingly, Evince seems to know something about my monitor size because
> it scales things exactly right out of the box.  100% turns up on my monitor
> as exactly the right paper size (actually it's off by a smidgen, 100.5% is
> more like it but it would be close enough).  On the other hand Acroread is
> off by a mile, but in the opposite direction as Zathura.  There, a value of
> 87% works out about right—actual-size is actually jumbo scale.
> How does Zathura decide what size to show at all? Is there a way to fix this
> so 100% is actually actual-size? Is there a system DPI value that can be set
> that will calibrate this?

At the moment zathura isn't considering the DPI value at all and this is causing
the symptoms you see. However, libzathura-gtk already considers the DPI value.
So once we switch zathura to libzathura-gtk, this should work as expected.

Sebastian Ramacher
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