Hi all,
i'm using zathura 0.3.3 on debian testing. I noticed that when a
document is set to fit the entire page vertically to the window (i.e.
pressing 'a'), the page gets (a bit) cut vertically. The amount of
vertical space of the page not fitting the window seems to be exactly
the same as the height of the statusbar, as if a portion of the page
disappears behind it.
I may be wrong, but is the height of the statusbar taken into account
when resizing the page to fit the window?
I'd expect it to work (except fullscreening) as in presentation mode
(F5), which shows no page cut, and since in this mode there is no
statusbar, this may agree with the supposition that a bit of the page
gets covered by the bar.

I didn't know if it was the case to report it as bug, so i prefer
asking here first.

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