We have migrated our bug tracker from roundup to Taiga: https://bugs.pwmt.org.
All active user accounts have been migrated, but since the password scheme has
changed one is forced to reset his password via email. Logging in with GitHub
accounts should now be possible. Also, all issues have been migrated to the new
bug tracker.

Additionally we have moved from gitolite to GitLab: https://git.pwmt.org. If you
have checkouts of any repositories using git://git.pwmt.org URLs, you need to
update them. The new URLs are:

$ git clone https://git.pwmt.org/pwmt/<project>.git

We will use GitLab to provide CI support for our projects. First builders are
set up and we should see first test results soon.

Taiga and GitLab should be running fine already, but we certainly will have to
do some more configuration. Feel free to give us feedback and tell us if you
have any problems.

Gojira will be replaced as well. The required plugins have been written already.

The repository mirrors on GitHub have not been updated yet.

Sebastian Ramacher
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