Hi All,

Can I find any documentation for the --synctex-forward mechanism?

Suppose I run

    zathura --synctex-forward 20:1:paper.tex paper.pdf

In 0.3.1, if an instance of zathura wasn't already showing paper.pdf,
this would fail with an unfriendly error message. In 0.3.4, it launches
a new instance if one isn't already running.

However, if you run 

    zathura --synctex-pid XXX --synctex-forward 20:1:paper.tex paper.pdf

then it succeeds (and exits immediately) if a process with ID XXX is
already showing paper.pdf, and launches a new instance with an error
message otherwise.

This makes things a little more inconvenient to script. (See my attached
hack script.) Can I suggest instead that if zathura is run with
--synctex-pid, then it *ALWAYS* returns immediately, and the exit status
signals whether it succeeded or failed.

This way, scripts can do something like:

    if ! zathura --synctex-pid $zpid --synctex-forward ... paper.pdf
        # launch new instance and save PID in $pidfile
        exit happily

Of course, an internal option --synctex-pid-file XXX that implements the
above behaviour would be great; but given that it's easily scriptable
I'm not going to ask for that (unless other people find it useful too).



PS: Thanks a lot for creating a really really wonderful PDF viewer. Zathura
    finally made me leave the horrors that are XDVI and switch to an
    entirely PDF based setup.

In a world without walls and fences - who needs Windows and Gates?
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