Dear zathura community,

yesterday, Arch Linux shipped the new version of zathura (0.3.4) and
included the patch¹ that was posted by Leonardo in its build script².

When I tried to use zathura with synctex today, I couldn't get it to
work. I used the same framework [vimtex] as yesterday, the only
difference being the new version of zathura.

This is what happens:
zathura -x "vim --servername VIM --remote +\%{line} \%{input}"
error: Error parsing command line arguments: Unknown option -x

I described it all in a little more detail in a vimtex issue³.

Am I right in concluding that the new patch disables synctex support by
default now? How to enable it at compile time? Sorry if the answer to
this is obvious but I'm no expert at compiling programmes myself and
didn't find it in the README nor could I get it from the Makefile.

Best wishes and thanks for this awesome programme,


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