Andrea Adami wrote:
> >You need a one line fix included in 2.6.26-RP.
> I'm talking about *linux-rp* kernels for versions up to 2.6.26.
> Sorry if I wasn't precise enough..
> >If the same version does not work on akita
> [20091201 22:47:52]    <pwgen>         ant__ g_ether with 2.6.23 works,
> booting 2.6.26 g_ether fails ...

OOPS, sorry. I was not exact as well:

booting latest linux-rp-2.6.26 works on terrier.

g_ether does not work with latest linux-rp-2.6.26.

It was working for me in older kernels. I don't remember, which of them
it was.

Note that there were PXA27X_UDC and PXA2XX_UDC, and I guess that even in
versions where it worked, it did not work correctly (in the client mode,
5V power must be shut down.

New kernels also have OTG support. It would be very nice to add Zaurus
support there. There are just 3 GPIO lines, which need to be defined:

SPITZ_GPIO_USB_DEVICE     (35)  USB Client power is present (in)
SPITZ_GPIO_USB_HOST       (37)  USB OTG 5V Host power supply control (out)
SPITZ_GPIO_USB_CONNECT    (41)  USB Host Cable is connected (in)

Stanislav Brabec

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