Pavel Machek wrote:

> Interesting :-). Is it still possible to buy this kind of remote
> control somewhere / does anyone have any extra / ...

Maybe some e-shops still have it. But it costs >$100 together with

> I guess it should
> be quite easy to make one...?

Yes, it is. Some people even modified $10 remote for another device to
fit Zaurus.

The connector is a standard R-ring 3.5mm barrel connector[2]. But be
aware, cheap 3.5mm barrel connectors that don't exactly conform to the
standard size don't fit inside.

But I think that the generic driver should easily handle any similar

It can be used also as input for one analog potentiometer, as two range
resistance meter (well, in high-resistance mode you would need polling),
voltmeter 0-to-ref or as a 1-bit output or input GPIO.

> Ok, I guess I should fix audio, first...

It does not work? Last time I tried vanilla kernel, it worked without
any problems. At least for high bit rates.


Stanislav Brabec

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