Yuri Bushmelev wrote:
> Hello!
> > I just got partial success with migration of Zaurus to the latest Xorg.
> Thank you for your work!
> Can you please measure memory load? Just to compare kdrive vs xorg.

kdrive without args after flush cache:

Xorg with configuration on my page after flush cache:

I am not sure, what eats this memory, but disabling rotation and
shadowfb, or hiding extension did not have any impact to it.

> > Todo:
> > - Implement chvt to the keymap.
Fixed in xf86-input-tslib, worked around in xf86-video-fbdev.

Now it is fully working except calibration. Old calibration does not
work (missing extension), new calibration uses different layer that
cannot calibrate tslib well (guessing that double integer rounding will

Stanislav Brabec

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