about the Infra red attached kb

it seems to me the story is a bit more complicate and complex than
what we was expecting
akita has the /dev/ttyS1 attached to a SIR chip which encodes and
decodes date: well, this chip talks serially to the pxa.uart1, but it
wants a bit of more handling than a simple uart port ...

maybe any ircomm-(tty??) workaround is possible ? anybody has ever
tried this way ?

i have to confess i do not know Ir very well, i have enjoyed the linux
appeal recently, so i miss all the old fashion at all ... i mean Irda
looks 2.4 kernel fashion, when wifi was a dream for expensive devices,
today is cheap, so everybody prefers wifi to Irda (which is more
complicate and which provides slower data rate ...)

yeah, i am too young for Irda, and i always used to attach an hardware
serial uart to infrared bidirectional converter (encoder/decoder,
mostly made by PIC microcontroller, or dedicated chip ), in order to
wireless infra red transmit and receive data (at slow data rate,
4800bps, 9600bps)

so ... i am really thinking about un soldering my akita SIR chip,
replacing it with a simple manchester enc/dec directly connected to Ir
led/ Ir photo transistor =P

the DTS signal &C are pretty good to be used with LIRC (anybody want
an Ir remote control for akita? - it seems that is the right time i
can experience the apple Ir remote control =P)

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