> IrDA uses baseband modulation with no carrier (1=silence, 0=pulse):
> http://www.irda.org/associations/2494/files/Publications/Physical%20Basics.pdf
> You need Manchester (0=0then1, 1=1then0):
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester_code
> Zaurus uses hardware SIR decoder similar to this one:
> http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/zaurus/datasheets/IrDA/gp2w0150xp_e.pdf
> I am afraid that it is incompatible on physical layer.
> You can unsolder it or maybe connect it in parallel, or use different
> ttyS.

i think there is a miss understand: on the ir kb i am pretty using
Manchester modulation, and physically the Infra red Led ( i added to
the serial kb) is attached to a pic which modulate it with the serial
stream it gets on his serial uart port at 9600bps

my powerbook has got an Irda port SIR, which i can directly access,
from which i can see the scan code the ir kb is sending on every key

so the physical layer should be fine

the problem is i do not want any Irda "frame" transmitted by higher layer

akita add a lot of thing, packing data into "frame" (as the eth0 does,
in a similar way, i mean)

i do not want any stack ! i just want to direct get char ot of the
uart which the ir is attached (and pretty demodulated)

i do not understand the pxa_ir kernel module ... i have to study it

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