hi there
as i wrote here the kanojio project boots another kernel from the
currently executing kernel allowing networked setup

it's working fine, but ... i'd like to have console over ip: every
kernel 2.6 should support it, so i wondering if to include or not ...
actually i have {uart, local} console

anyone experienced about it ?

also ... i am integrating services, i integrated a very tiny port
scanning (useful to understand it there is a ttftp server listening
for an incoming connect, and in case .. on which port is it), "ping"
should be fine, too

unfortunately ping is very UGLY piece of code: anybody has experience
with icmp protocol ? anybody with uncrustified ping source code ?

any help (and piece of code) is very appreciated

about the suspend/resume button
i like to have a daemon listening on the class input dev, and in case
key_pressed=suspend... simply turns the kernel into the suspend state

i also like to suspend my akita remote (cause im used to plug akita on
usb-lan and access it  through ssh)


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