Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> I did not find reverse ' (you know, the one in cat 'which ketchup') in
> the keymap. Is it mapped somewhere I did not look? Where is it mapped
> in X?

No, there is no ` in the default keymap. I propose Fn+d instead of ・
(Katakana middle dot). I guess you can't do it on kernel level, but you
need a special keymap.

Here is my new XKB keymap:
It is still incomplete, but already works pretty well:
- Left Alt on カナ/ひら = Hiragana_Katakana
- Right Ctrl on 全/半 = Hankaku_Zenkaku
- Caps works
- Group switch works on Fn+0 (instead of Alphabet lock)
- Why Shift+Insert (Shift+Fn+z) does not work properly in vte terminal
  (i. e. paste buffer)
- Fix F-keys (Right Control = 全/半 = Hankaku_Zenkaku) + number should
  generate F-keys, but Left Ctrl should generate Ctrl+number)
- Implement mouse movement

And here is my previous xmodmap (per partes addon to the Angstrom
It used Fn+a (originally unmapped), but I think Fn+d may be better.

Stanislav Brabec

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