Hi list!

I've got a C3000 I'm trying to juice every drop out of for my upcoming
distro release so I've been wondering:

* How reliable is CPU frequency scaling now? I used to overclock to
624Mhz under pdaX / 2.4.20 whenever I was doing a large compile but
cortez disabled freq scaling in his zubuntu kernels as he said it
caused instability. Have things improved?

* I enquired about spitz QVGA (320x240) support a few months ago on
OESF and I was told that the code from 2.4 still had yet to be ported
over but that it shouldn't be hard to do. Anybody done this yet?
Emulators and video aren't so good without.

* I've never done any cross compiling and especially without an
overclocked Z I don't much fancy experimenting compiling my own kernel
so who puts out the best pre-compilied spitz kernels and will it work
with my zubuntu jaunty install? Could I use a kernel compiled under
Lenny or sid, for example, without problems? If I must compile it
myself it'd be good to be able to get a pre-configured kernel config
file/ tree so I'd just have to do a 'make' and end up with a kernel I
can be confident will work.

Thanks for your help Zed 'eds! :)

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