hi guys
i have a question for you

i am trying to native compile latex under zaurus/C1000
as you know that machine has 64Mb of ram

i 'm using kernel 2.6.23 with 4Gb Microdrive: 512Mb of which are
reserved as "swap"

latex is a project made in C++, compiling C++ sources means ... having
much more memory for the C++ compiler. With TOP i see C++ heats a lot
of memory (24, 32Mb, at least).

The problem is:
1) i recompiled gcc-4.1.2 with success
2) i recompiled glibc with success
3) every time i try to compile latex i got a segmentation fault

may be that segmentation fault is cause by a sort of "out of memory" ?
may be for any "kernel internal structure" ?

should the virtual memory process (swap) covers any "out of memory" case ?

the reason of a "segmentation fault" may be also caused by an hardware issue
i tested all the hardware components:
1) i tested the microdrive using baddisk with pass=5 (and paranoid patterns)
2) i tested the cpu using benchmark and cpu diagnost test
3) i tested the compiler/libc recompiling big ebuild (gcc, glibc)
4) i cooled the machine with an air flower (in order to make it
working in good temperature)

what else ? any idea ?

today i ordered a "sheeva plug" (with arch is armv5-LE)
in order to have a native arm5 machine equipped with 512Mb of ram
i will use it to emerge for C1000

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