Marek Vasut <> writes:

> This patch does the following changes to cpufreq-pxa2xx:
> 1) Simplifies the assembler code for frequency change
OK, but did you think over what the old code was doing ?
My guess is that all the jumps were there to trigger a load into the I-Cache
before playing with memory timings. Did you consider that your new assembly fits
fully into a cache line, and hence is protected from memory shutdown for the
frequency change period ?

If you thought this over, then I would suggest to put a comment into the code to
state that the assembly bit fits fully in one cache line. If not, I don't see
clearly the benefit of removing the jumps ("b 2f" and "b 1b").

And I didn't find the reference for the need of reading the MDREFR register
after the write. Would you give me a pointer in the pxa27x TRM please ?



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