Cyril Hrubis wrote:

> Would be great. So far the GPIO for usb host/slave cable detection is not used
> on spitz so there is no way to switch to USB slave for gadgets to work if you
> don't want to play with devmem2.

Well, just the driver is missing, the hardware is there. See attached
usb-auto script using pxaregs utility.

There is another issue in the gadget mode (probably including the latest
kernels): If host mode is not active, it should turn USB power off. It
does not, and it causes soft short circuit in client mode. It also makes
impossible to differentiate between no cable and client cable.

Here are GPIOs to control OTG:
SPITZ_GPIO_USB_DEVICE   GPIO35  USB Client power is present
SPITZ_GPIO_USB_HOST     GPIO37  USB OTG 5V Host power supply control
SPITZ_GPIO_USB_CONNECT  GPIO41  USB Host Cable is connected

----------- usb-auto ----------

if test -z "$CLIENT_MODULE" ; then
# Uncomment client module you want by default (only one at a time is possible 
in 2.6.26RP):

if test `pxaregs GPLR1_41 | sed -n 's/.*\(.\)  GPIO.*/\1/p'` = 0 ; then
        echo "Host cable is present."
        pxaregs GPSR1_37 1 # Turn on USB power
        rmmod g_file_storage g_ether pxa27x_udc 2>/dev/null
        sleep 1
        modprobe ohci-hcd 2>/dev/null
        pxaregs GPCR1_37 1 # Turn off USB power
        sleep 1 # Wait a bit to discharge capacitors
        if test `pxaregs GPLR1_35 | sed -n 's/.*\(.\)  GPIO.*/\1/p'` = 0 ; then
                echo "No cable in USB."
                ifdown usb0 2>/dev/null
                sleep 1
                rmmod g_file_storage g_ether pxa27x_udc 2>/dev/null
                sleep 1
                rmmod ohci-hcd 2>/dev/null
                echo "Client cable is present."
                rmmod ohci-hcd 2>/dev/null
                sleep 1
                modprobe pxa27x_udc
                modprobe $CLIENT_MODULE
                ifup usb0 2>/dev/null

Stanislav Brabec

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