Andrea Adami wrote:

> what is the situation about power management/ battery drivers?
> 2.6.34 seems mature for production use on spitz / corgi (well, usb
> still to test) apart proper power management.
> Any update?

I just testes yesterday's vanilla:

Actually I see these regressions in comparison with 2.6.26-RP:

1. Fast charging during suspend does not work (see log at the end of
this mail). One have either reboot to bootloader to get battery charged
or wait about 16 hours and charge while Zaurus is up.

To fix this situation, we have to:

1.1 Rewrite max1111_read_channel() cross linking with sharpsl_pm. it is
completely bad approach - kernel is not aware that sharpsl_pm is cross
linked with drivers/hwmon/max1111.c. It is already suspended when
sharpsl_pm attempts to read battery status.

Threads pointing to the correct implementation:

1.2 Invent a way, how to charge battery during sleep. Either call
bootloader somehow (if possible), or wake up SPI (or not suspend it),
read value, suspend SPI, perform battery control and continue in

2. Possible minor problems in USB initialization. See thread "usb gadget
on zaurus and kexec" in linux-arm-kernel last week. I just tested USB
host with yesterday's vanilla. I failed once, second time succeeded.
(Maybe it depends on the state of the master kernel when kexec is

It needs further debugging.

3. There is new regression in no_console_suspend. I sent a very tricky
patch for unbreaking serial after resume with no_console_suspend in
past. Now it is broken again in different way: serial is alive after
resume, but serial setting is not correct.

Very minor regression, we can live with it.

Here is a log with no_console_suspend that cleanly shows broken
apm-power: Requesting system suspend...
PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.
Freezing user space processes ... (elapsed 0.02 seconds) done.
Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.01 seconds) done.
PM: suspend of devices complete after 309.430 msecs
PM: late suspend of devices complete after 2.941 msecs
max1111 spi2.2: spi_sync failed with -108
max1111 spi2.2: spi_sync failed with -108
max1111 spi2.2: spi_sync failed with -108
max1111 spi2.2: spi_sync failed with -108
max1111 spi2.2: spi_sync failed with -108
sharpsl-pm sharpsl-pm: Error: AC check failed: voltage -108.
sharpsl-pm sharpsl-pm: Offline Charger: Error occurred.


Stanislav Brabec

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