> > These seems to be different, at least it newer occured so often to me. Now
> > installing debian packages often fails because it cannot remove temporary
> > files, the filesystem worked reasonably good before.
> > 
> > The usecase is to unpack archive with a lot rather small files somewhere 
> > deeper
> > to the filesystem tree. Eg. installing gtk2-devel failed miserably when 
> > trying
> > to move all the header files from *.h.dpkg-new to *.h, this works rather 
> > good
> > with old driver.
> Well, I remember opkg crashes while installing emacs (many small files)
> and file system corruption as well. Both with kernel 2.6.26.

The main difference is that now it's 100% reproducible and I've never seen
corruption bad enough so I could not delete files without doing fsck first.

Here is pseudo output from fsck on ext3 filesystem after these problems

Pass 2:

Bunch of these:

Invalid HTREE directory inode $NUMBER
Clear HTree index<y>?

and these:

Problem in HTree directory inode $NUMBER: block #$NR has bad max hash

Pass 3:

Bunch of:

Entry '$FILE in $PATH ($NUMBER) has a non-unique filename.
Rename to $FILE~0<y>?

Happily the files/directories affected was only the recently written from the
kernel from marex tree.  I haven't seen file content to be corrupted (that
doesn't mean there weren't any corruptions) but it seems they are not so likely
as directory tree corruption.


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