> Yes, patch would be nice. I am currently debugging some PCMCIA
> problems... Question: is/was there situation where your version worked
> but old one did not?
> Does it provide faster data rates?
Yes, it does.
As I recall, pcmcia spec doesn't provide "fomula" to calculate cycle timings.
It defines standard 255ns io cycle and it's parameters. I changed the code
to behave in similar way. I.e. to set standard timings in MCIO/MCMEM/MCATT for
a standard cycle length.
The shortest patch would use that 165ns to set specific params for 255 ns io 
(It's strange that SOC_PCMCIA_IO_ACCESS and friends do not specify cycle 
The long patch would change io, attribute and mem timings.
I'll try to prepare patch for 2.6.35 this week.

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