Recently I've upgraded internal cf on my c3000. So now I have a better idea of 
cf storage performance you can get with c3000 hardwire.

Benchmark results (2.6.19 kernel, dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/null):
1) unmodified kernel: ~ 2MB/sec
2) optimized timings, 250ns io cycle: ~ 3MB/sec
3) optimized timings, DMA patch, 250ns io cycle: ~ 4MB/sec
4) optimized timings, DMA patch, 120ns io cycle: ~ 5.5MB/sec
5) optimized timings, DMA patch, 120ns io cycle, different cf card: ~ 6.3MB/sec

optimized timings = Changes I described in "pxa pcmcia timings" thread.
120ns io cycle = CFA advanced I/O timing mode supported by the card.
DMA patch = ide-cs patch, which adds support for memory-to-memory style DMA to
transfer data from IDE data register to memory buffer.

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