On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 02:01:25AM +0100, Andrea Adami wrote :
> Hallo Franck,
> thanks for reporting.
> USB has been disabled for size-reasons. Should be re-enabled with
> networking if possible.
> The linux-kexecboot-2.6.36 defconfig for tosa already has
> FWIW this was left too unset
yes, in my config too, ext_keycodes was not set. (you now can see the
config file, i reposted it) ...
i think the problem comes from CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MATRIX=y .... this type
of keyboard works perfectly on my borzoi (so i assume on akita,
spitz...) but not at all on tosa.
were you trying to tell me to set to "yes" the tosa_use_ext_keycodes ?

> > i took my rootfs to create his on his cf card (/dev/hda1)
> Be careful: you should use the same ide driver for
> linux-kexecboot_tosa and for linux_tosa: being that most machines are
> still on older kernels I left the old deprecated ATA/IDE driver which
> gives /dev/hda.
i use too the deprecated ATA/IDE driver ; when i tried to unset it,
replacing it by PATA, i couldn't boot (i'm speaking about my borzoi)
and the config file Stanislav Brabec gave me used ATA/IDE too, so i stop
wondering about PATA and came back to ATA/IDE. i guess one day we'll
have to change, maybe when kexecboot will change to PATA too...

> The best news are that Dmitry is working again on tosa-kernel!
that's my friend that will be happy... i made my best to help him to
have debian on his tosa... but it's kind of short, for this device.
usb, wifi, sound... i can't understand why this device developped for
linux still miss so much things, when zaurus clamshell are almost

> Regards
Thank you Andrea :) 

> Andrea
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