Simon Siebert wrote:
> Hi,
> i know, this is off-topic, but there are nearly no discussion boards
> etc. about the Sharp Zaurus.
> I have got a SL-C760 with a broken screen. The touch works on the
> complete area, but it doesn't display correctly. The LCD is broken.
> Does anybody have an idea were to get a new screen. Or a compatible one?

Original part number for C3000 is Sharp WLLS037V1P01 (I hope I read it
correctly from the photo, plese fix me if you order the original). Sharp
LS037V7DW01 may be pin compatible, but it does not have off-screen
buttons. New product ID for that display is LS037V7DW03 (probably still
in production), but that one may need resistor change on the PCB. It
even has a transreflective version.

Here you can find what I found:
No guarantee! I did not had any of these displays in my hands.

Stanislav Brabec

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