Andrea Adami wrote:
> Hello,
> here we are again: touchscreen does not calibrate (and pointercal
> values are not totally correct).
> Yestarday built Angstrom images did not ship ts_* utils anymore and
> the two tools provided both fail:
> (on SL-C860)
> xinput_calibrator
> Error: no calibratable devices found.
> xtscal
> xcb_io.c:515: _XReply: Assertion '!dpi->xcb->reply_data' failed
> Aborted

You have two ways to calibrate:
Xfbdev + tslib + xtscal: works well
Xorg + xf86-input-tslib + ?: Broken, X crashes on start. Needs porting.
Xorg + xinput_calibrator: Works, but due to too much noise in the
ads7846 kernel driver, it is totally unusable. Pointer skip 50-100
pixels early after tap, calibration is totally out. Somebody should take
patches from Vitaly Minko and port them to the latest kernel. Patches
were sent in first days of this list (09 Nov 2009), but they were based
on kernel 2.6.24.

> If I understand, the issue has been resumed here:

Well, kdrive should probably go to the handhelds feed or so.
Xorg still needs some work to become a replacement of kdrive:
- implement software driven Xrandr in the fbdev driver
- optimize operations in software rotated fbdev driver
- save some memory in core drivers

> Origin:
> [PATCH] Remove xcalibrate and tslib support

Well, we can create patched libXext version that will be installed by
kdrive people.

> I think it's time to concentrate on a *single* solution and debug it.
> Maybe xserver-xorg today?

kdrive: Probably easy to do.

1. Revert all removals of tslib support and create special packages with
a special name (as it were done for xserver-kdrive-1300).

2. Fix OE xserver-common to not mix Xorg and kdrive command line args
(comment out detection of Xorg is a work-around).


1. Fix ads7846 kernel driver noise (better solution) or fix
xf86-input-tslib (worse solution)

2. Fix OE xserver-common to not mix Xorg and kdrive command line args
(remove command line arguments except dpi is a work-around).

3. Fine tune xorg.conf. Make memory footprint of Xorg as small as
possible. I have a working xorg.conf for spitz and a nice XKB keyboard
map for zaurus which can be used as a start point:


Stanislav Brabec

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