> - linux-kexecboot kernels from OpenEmbedded (and pending patches)

why this email ???

why the hell nobody reports EXACTLY what is working and what is not in
a pretty table putted in a pretty url n in the web ?

why you are toying with newer kernels with out no real reason
probabily "just to try out the cool of the day"

what have i to say ? "UAU 2.6.39 on my zaurus!"

well, what it really working ?

damn, people need stable and real use things: the best kernel for
akita, with the best rootfs to put akita into th real use: i mean what
you need day after day in real life

and well, from my point of view, the last well documented kernel about
akita is 2.6.23, which is assumed as the best one

i mean 2.6.23 has an uptime of 3 years on my akita
so i need some better motivation to update it with a newer one

i mean: 2.6.39, what is working, what is not ? how stable is it ? etcetc
i have no time about toying around it

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