2012/3/18 Hans Henry von Tresckow <hvont...@gmail.com>:
> I am getting back into trying to get some testing done with Angstrom
> on Poodle. I managed to get a new console image to boot, but now I
> want to sort out some of the configuration/kernel issues. Is there a
> web page that has any sort of develpoment status? It seems that the
> linuxtogo stuff no longer exists.

Seems, short answer is no..
I'll ask Florian about current state of projects on LTG.

But GoWiki on linuxtogo is still alive. Latest info about Angstrom on
Zaurus is here:
But I'm pretty sure it is outdated (based on "classic OE").

Andrea is testing kernels and kexecboot on Zauruses. But AFAIK nobody
is working on images now.

Yury Bushmelev

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