Hey everyone,

I just took some ZB and Fridrich averages and am kind of surprised by
the results.  It seems, I'm sure also due to committing fully to
opposite color also, that my Fridrich times have dropped by a second
while my ZB times have remained roughly the same, if not slightly
slower than I used to get.

Here were the average:

1) Done with Fridrich
(12.45), 17.54, 18.82, (19.09), 15.76, 15.16, 18.19, 16.05, 14.95,
18.19, 15.15, 16.46 = 16.63

It's weird that 12.xx was my first solve of the day too, it wasn't a
preplanned "hey I'll start with that 12!"

2) Next one with ZB
18.44, 20.96, (26.09), (13.85), 15.32, 18.02, 18.15, 17.36, 21.40,
18.02, 19.67, 17.92 = 18.53

3) And next one with Fridrich
16.82, 14.90, 17.96, 17.52, 15.71, (14.63), (20.35), 16.96, 14.96,
15.40, 14.75, 18.18 = 16.32

4) And next one again with ZB
15.54, 16.94, (23.56), 16.92, 18.90, (13.47), 22.43, 21.56, 15.67,
16.26, 17.50, 17.58 = 17.93

(the 13 was a T case ZBLL!!!!!  Recognition is not always bad!!!)

I find it weird that the Fridrich averages feel about like my average,
or at least thereabouts.  Neither one felt extraordinarily fast to me.
 Yet I have definitely been neglecting Fridrich lately for ZB, even
after WC2005.  Why does it seem that ZB helps for Fridrich, but not so
much the other way around?  My ZB times are actually slower than a few
months ago.  I think that could either be a) I know more ZBLL cases
and need to learn to identify them better or b) I have neglected ZB
before WC.

Anyway I find it very odd that not practicing Fridrich.... makes me
faster with Fridrich (??).  However, practicing with Fridrich is
painfully slow improvement for me by comparison.

My only theory is that the larger number of algs for ZB will work like
a "weighted bat" when switching back to Fridrich.

Anyway, this makes me think that even if ZBLL recognition is too much,
that using ZB for practice and Fridrich for competitions will make
your Fridrich better.

Also, why not use ZB for the first rounds of a competition and hope
for a 1/1944 LL skip?  Or maybe a 1/6 super awesome easy ZBLL case.

I think maybe ZB and Fridrich should coexist and one not replace the
other.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about the future of ZB, and
I think that were I in a final round of a big competition, that I
would want a simpler method that is still fast since nerves are
INTENSE.  The final round for the WC was very stressful, and I imagine
that trying to use ZB there (except for super easy cases) might only
cause problems.

But then again maybe a master of the ZB method would identify ZBLL
algs from all angles, AUF only once, etc..

Anyway just some thoughts, what does everyone think?


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