I've been trying a slew of new ideas recently, in an effort to somehow get my F2L+LL solving up to par with my Roux solving.

The two main ideas I've been using are to orient all edges first (restricting to F2 and B2 moves), then solving like normal.  This gives a really fast F2L using only LUR moves, and requires only 4 or so VH cases.  Best of all, it averages very few moves.  Probably fewer than VH.  The only problem is seeing the way to orient at the beginning, and then not having a terrible cross delay.  Something to think about, at least.

The other idea I had last night was to solve with blocks or 3 cross pieces, and two pairs.  Get a 2x2x3 as well as you can.  Then, you're left with a Petrus F2L ending.  However, instead of orienting and finishing with a 2 generator, what if you were to define orientation with restricted F and B turns?  The orientation is pretty quick, and leaves us with a great LUR ending.  On top of that, there are absolutely ZERO bad cases for this.  In fact, you should be able to average fairly low moves for this.  Comparable to normal F2L.  We could extend this to include some sort of extra corner orientation or permutation help, as well, since we're not actually doing any sort of ZB work on the last pair.

Any thoughts?


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