Remco wrote:
This is a quote from a post (back in December) of the former maintainer of the zd1211 project:

"... ZyDAS does not have any interest in our driver. They have their own one, as you know. We negotiated on merging our teams and projects, but they did not further pursue that idea.

For those trying to talk directly to ZyDAS: In the past they didn't even respond to such emails but just forwarded them to me to answer it. ..."

Interesting, thanks for digging that up. I'll email Markus and see if he still has the email addresses of the ZyDAS guys hanging around.

Maybe things have changed, if you didn't do so already, I think you're best bet is to contact the current maintainer. (Mayne)

Mayne is doing a fine job but that's not exactly what I'm looking for: Mayne doesn't understand the undocumented/cryptic parts of the code better than anyone else (right?). I have some specific questions and I'd also like to thank them for their contributions (even if communication has been a bit shaky) as it's important that we recognise the few wireless vendors who are throwing resources at Linux.


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