Daniel Drake wrote:

A user just came on IRC regarding Trendnet devices.

It appears there are 3 versions of the 429UB, with ID's:
300a, 300b, 300c, 300d

The 300a is already listed in the driver. The 300b is not, and the IRC user (chloubs) reported success after adding the ID to the ZD1211 section. Please add this to the driver. It has the AL7230B RF.

As for 300c/300d, they might not have hit the market yet, as I can't see a page about them on trendware's website. However the windows driver suggests they are ZD1211B-based.

Ok, a friend (Greg KH, quite the man to help us out!) bought one of these last week, and it turns out it is the 300d. It is branded as the C1 version.

The current driver lists this in the ZD1211 section, but it is actually a ZD1211B. Greg confirmed that it didn't work with the existing driver, but does work when you move the ID into the ZD1211B section.

Mayne, you might want to take care of these 2 changes in the vendor driver.


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