John Que wrote:
Regarding sotmac and the wirelss stack :
I saw in README of the rewrite dirver, that
"The driver is been developed against the wireless-2.6
tree maintained by John Linville, which includes the softmac

Ulrich wrote that - thats how he works. Personally I work against Linus' tree but do apply the newest softmac patches that fly around.

I looke at 2.6.16.rc3 kernel:
 Is this tree , which includes a subfolder called "softmac"
  has a softmac implementation which is based (or is a partial part of)
Devicescape Linux-based 802.11 stack implementation ?

You have found the softmac stack which zd1211rw uses. Actually there's only one "softmac stack", but the naming is slightly confusing because softmac is both a generic term and the name of the stack you just found.

softmac is not based on devicescape. It is only an extension to the ieee80211 stack.

Devicescape is different, they have completely reimplemented the whole of ieee80211+softmac and the code is vastly different. It's more complete, more extendible, and has more features. The long term plan is to migrate all drivers away from ieee80211+softmac to devicescape, however it's not a simple operation because right now the devicescape stack can not support fullmac drivers (without huge hacks). Also it has issues with SMP systems -- they have a lot of work to do before it can be considered for Linus' tree.


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