Regards tothe zd1211 list. I am trying to develop a semi-managed ad-hoc net with zd1211 nodes. When I "iwconfig wlan0 essid name", the driver scans through the frequencies, and if not finding it, returns to the last channel set when there was no essid specified. I would like to have one node in my network that does not do the channel-scan regardless of settng the essid. Kind of like a "master" node. The issue is that if one of the "client" nodes is powered first, it will generally go to channel 1 after not finding the essid, and a server node then will hunt to channel 1, even if the network expects to be on a different channel. Also I am curious about ad-hoc bandwidth. It seems that my ad-hoc networks can only carry about 1/4 or 1/8 of the traffic as the same h/w in infrastructure mode. Does setting RTS/CTS or FRAG help with this? Thanks for any help! - Brian

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